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Lana Beauty Shop in Bellevue, WA offers premium hair extensions, seamlessly enhancing your natural beauty. Elevate your style with our quality mobile extensions. Your perfect hair awaits at Lana. Best part is we come to you!

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Treat Yourself to a beautiful hairstyle. Not only look beautiful but feel beautiful with Lana Beauty Shop Mobile Hair Extensions.

Treat yourself to a stunning hairstyle at Lana Beauty Shop in Bellevue, WA. Look and feel beautiful with our exquisite hair extensions. Elevate your natural beauty with seamless, high-quality extensions that enhance your style. Discover the allure of Lana Beauty Shop and transform your look effortlessly. Embrace the beauty you deserve with our premium hair extensions.

Alan Williams
Alan Williams
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Lana has cut and styled my hair for 8 years. I highly recommend her! She has always tried to make me happy, is very prompt in replying to messages, and works to fit me in when I need an appointment.
Rick Blevins
Rick Blevins
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Lana is a great person and stylist. She will go above and beyond to make your experience a great one every time.
Oya Sparks
Oya Sparks
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Lana is the best. She made me feel extension I got. Beautiful. Thank you Lana
Gothic Hippy
Gothic Hippy
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Lana is literally the best! I've been getting extensions for over 30 years and tried many salons. Once I found Lana, I never left. She's not only a master in her profession, she's a true gem of a person.
Aurelija Muznikaite
Aurelija Muznikaite
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I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to meet Lana. I suffer with trich and she has made me feel so comfortable and open with my condition. The first day I met her, i felt okay to show my hair and never, ever did I felt uncomfortable. What Lana is doing is God sent. I love my hair, her skills are AMAZING. And her love for people is speechless. I highly recommend for you to come in and meet Lana, even just for a consultation, I promise you won’t regret. She has showed me products that are amazing, and gave me styling tips. It’s worth the investment in my self and also in her. Lana has truly an amazing BIG heart, and I trust her with my life!!! So, if you suffer with hair loss, and has never been comfortable to show off, Lana will make you feel loved, and cared for, I promise!! She has a lot of patience and understanding with no judgment. LOVE YOU!!!!
Emma Jennings
Emma Jennings
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Lana has saved my hair and my confidence!! I love how she makes me look. I go to her every couple of months and she is always flexible and willing to work around my schedule which is great. She is also so kind and has surprised me with starbucks on multiple occasions, just above and beyond.
Sherrie Peters
Sherrie Peters
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I love her extensions!! They are so natural no one notices that it’s not my Real hair besides family , she is so friendly and kind , I feel so comfortable going to her place .. it feels more personal than going to a regular salon with lots of people. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who wants a great experience, great prices and great environment is everything...
Devon Bivens
Devon Bivens
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Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Teddie Sims
Teddie Sims
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Keratin Type (K-Tip Or U-Tip) - Strand By Strand Hair Extensions

Keratin bond hair extensions also known as fusion and they are made from 100% human hair. The extensions are attached to the natural hair by a small keratin bond.

The bond is made from a substance that is similar to the natural protein found in hair, which makes it safe and gentle on natural hair. The extensions come in different lengths, colors and textures and allows choose the best match for their natural hair.

There are many benefits to choosing keratin bond hair extensions, including:

Versatility: with keratin bond hair extensions, you can change your hair style in an instant without the need for permanent changes to your natural hair.

Length and volume: if you always wanted longer hair, keratin bond hair extensions are the perfect solution. can add volume, length, change color ( add highlights or lowlights) and give you the hair you have always dreamed of.

Low maintenance: keratin bond hair extensions will require maintenance every 3 months. One of the best things about the keratin hair extensions is they look completely natural. They blend seamlessly with your natural hair application time: 2-6 hours ( depends on set need it)

Hair Extensions Skin Weft (Taping)

Skin Weft hair extensions is applied to the scalp with a double sided tape method. A thin portion of your hair is sandwich between two pieces of the skin weft human hair and sealed with a low heat for security.

This application is great for thin or fine hair as its lays very flat and feels like your natural hair as well as gives your natural hair more volume and length. The skin weft application can be worn as your natural hair and can last 4-5 weeks before they need to be removed and reinstalled.

Hair Extensions Microbeads Individual

Lana beauty Shop Hair Extensions In Bellevue, WA

Micro Links are applied using ringlets, a thin portion of the client’s natural hair with the micro link ring is squeezed together, in order to secure the extensions. This technique does not include bonding, glue, wax or any other type of product and will not harm the clients natural hair follicles.

Micro Links are recommended to add length and fullness to fine textured hair. The number of links applied are based on the overall desired look as well as texture, length and fullness of the client’s natural hair. When cared properly ( good home care ) Micro-Links can last up to 4 month Hair Extensions

welcome Lana Beauty Shop

Effective Solutions For Hair Extensions

Discover effective solutions for hair extensions at Lana Beauty Shop in Bellevue, WA. Elevate your style with our premium extension options, providing a seamless blend for natural-looking results. Our expertly crafted extensions offer versatility and durability, enhancing the beauty of your hair effortlessly. Explore Lana Beauty Shop for innovative solutions that redefine your look. Transform with confidence and experience the effectiveness of our top-tier hair extension services in Bellevue. Unleash the full potential of your hair with us.

Hair Extensions Our Services

Professional Hair Extensions in Bellevue, WA

Allow your body and soul to completely relax and enjoy professional hair extensions in Bellevue, WA, at Lana Beauty Shop. Unleash the beauty of your hair with our high-quality extensions, expertly crafted for a seamless blend. Transform your look and embrace the confidence that comes with luxuriously styled hair. Explore the artistry of Lana Beauty Shop and experience the epitome of professional hair extensions in Bellevue. Redefine your beauty with our premium hair solutions.

Hair Extensions FAQs

Have Questions About Hair Extensions?

If you have any questions about our hair extensions be sure to checkout of FAQ sections. Then be sure to contact us with any additional hair extension questions you may have.

The best quality hair extensions can be colored (darkened, glossed, low lighted). They can not be highlighted or lightened.

Definitely not! If you are the boho type and prefer the tousled hair look, hair extensions can always be left to air dry in the most perfect wave or curl. The only contingency is that you MUST make sure the bonds and the roots are never left damp for long periods of time, and never allow the roots and bonds to become tangled. This will cause damage and shorten the wear of the extensions.

Yes, hair extensions can be applied to post chemo hair! Some methods of hair extension are a great choice for growing out unruly post-chemotherapy hair ringlets, as long as the new post chemo growth is at least 1.5 to 2 inches in length. Thicker or higher density hair requires longer lengths for the most natural blended application.

Great quality hair extensions, when applied safely and properly, DO NOT damage your hair. Proper tools and application, coupled with diligent home care and maintenance, means your natural hair can grow in healthier and never at Lana’s Hair Extensions have utilized hair extensions to grow out post-chemo hair as well as chemically or color-damaged hair. Everything we choose to work with is chosen with your hair health as our priority.
Hair extensions can cause damage if the extensions are not properly customized for your individual needs, or if the quality of the hair does not allow for healthy hair growth. This can occur if:
-The hair extensions are too heavy, too thick or too tight.
-There is not enough hair to support the weight of the (incorrectly-sized) attachment, which can cause the hair to rip out of the hair follicle.
-The hair is crimped too tight and strands eventually break underneath the wrong bond material.
-The attachment is not sealed tight enough or the adhesive was not fully removed when new adhesive was added for replacement, which can cause mold to grow on your hair underneath under the bond.

If the hair extensions are applied properly, you can absolutely wear your hair in a ponytail and even a high bun – with no evidence of the extensions showing. You even get some traceless hair ties as part of your take-home package after your initial extensions application appointment.

Yes! As long as you follow proper maintenance instructions (provided to you at the end of your application appointment), you can absolutely participate in physical activity in and out of water.

Certain hair tools are extension no-no’s: you shouldn’t use combs of any kind, or hair brushes with balls on the end of the bristles. Your take-home kit includes a special hair extensions paddle brush, which can be used on your extensions.

Hair extensions can last anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months. This all depends on a variety of factors; what method of hair extension application is, the thickness of your own natural hair, the health of your own hair, how much you sweat or workout, how oily your hair gets, how often you wash your hair, how much you style it, and how fast your hair grows.

Short answer: Yes
Long answer: Yes,  but because Lana cannot guarantee the integrity of any other hair extension manufacturer and she only works with High quality and custom order top of the-line hair extensions brands  and toppers , volumizing systems that Lana have handpicked after years of research, education, certification and experience. She can only work with hair extensions that we can personally vouch for. If you still prefer bring your own hair then you will sign form and fee for emergency removal if quality of the hair will cause complications.
Can I swimming with hair extensions?
Yes, you can . Wear swimming hat if you feel that pulling or to tight then better do high ponytail or bun and shampoo 2 times with clarifying shampoo with conditioner after and rinse very well.
Keep in mind for brunettes chlorine can turn hair orange and for blondes will give green undertone.
Is Hair Extensions tangles?
Extensions dont get nutriotion from your hair follicles like real hair, even real hair if they dont get proper care from inside and outside can be tangles, brittle, dull looking .Same with Extensions , it is part of your home care routine keep them in good shape by using right product, leave in with moisturizing ingredients which will provide you after installation by Lana. And most important brush in the morning and before bed.
How do I brush my Hair and Extensions ?
For all types of Hair Extensions hold your hair on middle part with one hand and brush ends and move up continue holding you always can apply on ends and mid any leave in conditioner.
For tape in , sewing types brush  very gentle where installation part and don’t go to high.
For Keratin type (fusion,K-tip)  and Microbeads place your brush vertical and brush between pieces( you have to fill the brushon scalp area same how u would be brush your hair).

Your hair has to be long enough to cover the bonds – approximately 1.5 to 2 inches in length, depending on your hair density.

Yes absolutely! Top quality hair extensions can be blow dried, curled and flat ironed with proper hot styling tools and approved hair care products.

Yes!!! Curly hair extensions do exist!! Luxury hair extensions come in an endless array of textures, colors, lengths, ombre, rooted and so much more — and all of the colors and lengths can be custom designed to match any curl pattern, even more than one per single head to keep things looking totally natural. We know (and you know!) that no one has just one curl pattern in those ringlet heads. The curls that extensions can achieve are so amazing… No one will know they aren’t yours!

Yes, you can have your hair colored by a professional colorist who knows how to work with hair extensions. You can not color your own hair with extensions at home because the box color will damage your hair extensions (plus we wouldn’t recommend box color as it will damage your own hair, too!).

Yes! Extensions can be for you if you’re active as long as you’re taking care of them while you are enjoying that sporty life. Make sure your hair is up in a ponytail, bun, or braid, and rinse out your hair after any activity to remove any sweat/oils/dirt to prevent any slipping or damage to the bonds.

After your application appointment and depending on the method of extensions used, we recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before washing your hair at home. We do not recommend washing your hair everyday, and the ideal time frame should be every 2 to 4 days, or if your hair feels oily or dirty.

With keratin type no restrictions you can use any leave – in ,oil based, silicone based products. Tape in , microbeads will have to apply only on mid and ens avoid slippage and same for sewing.

Yes, it is normal for hair extensions to shed, just like your natural hair. You won’t notice a difference in your look. In average every person loose 100 hair a  day.

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